Le Cannet des Maures

Le Cannet-des-Maures is in the unique position of belonging partly to Vieux-Cannet, perched high on its hill, and partly to the modern, commercial village below which is built around an expanse of centuries-old cedars.
This division occurred on 8 August 1903, when a presidential decree stipulated that the administrative centre of the Cannet-du-Luc area was to be transferred to the station district, where most of the area’s economic activity was concentrated at that time in transport for bauxite ore, and silkworm breeding.
Vieux-Cannet, the old castrum of Caneto, is believed to have been founded in the 9th century after the ruin of Forum Voconii, the conurbation established on the plain beside the Via Aurelia. Its old streets bedecked with flowers can be enjoyed on foot. The 1027 church of St Michel adds to the unparalleled charm of the village, as does the warm welcome extended by the inhabitants.
The village boasts a wealth of natural riches too. A walk on the Maures plain, with its exceptional abundance of flora and fauna, is not to be missed: you will experience hiker and writer Yves Paccalet’s impression of walking through African savannah.