Notre-Dame de Consolation

Ville : Flassans s/Issole

The chapel of Notre-Dame de Consolation stands on the eastern slope of the hill in the old village of Flassans sur Issole.

It was restored by local craftsmen in the last century, after being abandoned for nearly 300 years. The priory stands at the end of the cobbled path, named Chemin de Croix in 1904, leading from the modern burg. A pilgrimage takes place here every Thursday during Ascension.

The first ruins of old Flassans and the medieval castle lie a little higher, to the west. A monumental cross placed by missionaries on the remnants of ancient watch tower keeps guard over the site.

Another chapel, the chapel of Saint Joseph, stands opposite on the eastern slope; it was built outside the ramparts in the Middle Ages, at the time of the feudal castle.

The castle of Pontevès at the summit looks down on the Issole valley and the village of Flassans, with views over the surrounding massifs.


Access is from the eastern entrance to the village, then the Chemin de la Chapelle in the Haute Ville quarter. There is parking near the site, but vehicles are not permitted in the old village.