Notre-Dame du Glaive

Ville : Cabasse

The 1621 chapel of Notre-Dame du Glaive (Our Lady of the Sword) is perched 300 metres high on the edge of a cliff.

The main façade is decorated with a painted fresco.
There are magnificent views from the site over the gorges of the Issole river and the surrounding massifs of the Maures, Bessillons, Mont Aurélian and Sainte Victoire, and the industrial wastelands of the bauxite mines. To the west, the site looks over the Trou aux Fées (Fairy Hole), an imposing cliff with troglodytic dwellings which were used by the local people as hiding places and granaries in troubled times. The defensive walls are still visible. The Saint-Loup plain is below to the south, with the village in the distance.
An open-air altar and pulpit have been built out of stones near the chapel. The uncapped dolmen known as Pont Neuf lies to the west: 3 metres long, it dates from the ancient Chalcolithic-Bronze period (2000 - 1900 BC).


Access is by a bumpy earth track, suitable for motor vehicles (drive very slowly), leading to the right off the D79 towards Le Thoronet.