Le Lac de Besse

The lake is fed subterraneously by a spring originating in the St Quinis massif, which encircles the village to the north.

It is 33 metres deep, with a surface area of 4 hectares. Canals have also been dug to supply the lake with water from the Issole river.

The lake has its own legend: it is said that it was once a wheat threshing area, and on St Anne’s day, which in those days was a non-working day, two miscreants went there to thresh their crop. Suddenly, a powerful spring gushed forth, drowning the miscreants and their mules. Legend has it that that they can still be heard on St Anne’s day, roaming around and cracking their whips in the depths of the lake.

Besse’s labyrinth of old alleyways, a pleasant place for a stroll, can be reached from the south shore of the lake.